Meredith Stockwell - Graphic Designer

My Crafty Side

Not only do I enjoy designing, I also like to create all types
of crafts. Here are some of my favorites!
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  1. Surfboard Piñata
    Surfboard Piñata
    I got tired of buying Piñatas for my daughter's parties, so I decided to try and make my own. This was my first attempt.
  2. Disco Ball Piñata
    Disco Ball Piñata
    This was my second attempt, which was much more work. I hand cut over 300 circle sequins into squares.
  3. Minion Piñata
    Minion Piñata
    This one took me the longest. I hand crumpled each ball of tissue paper, then hand glued each piece to the piñata, all to be shattered within minutes.
  4. Doggie Treat Advent Calendar
    Doggie Treat Advent Calendar
    I hand sew these and sell them at craft fairs.
  5. Cross Stitch
    Cross Stitch
    I have been doing cross stitch since I was a kid. I find it to be very relaxing. One of the best investments I've made is a matcutter. I did the double mat on this picture.
  6. Wine Cork Angels
    Wine Cork Angels
    I use wine corks to create these cute cork-angel ornaments. I put them on gifts and also sell them.
  7. Cork Crafts
    Cork Crafts
    Thank goodness my neighborhood saves corks for me!
  8. Other Assorted Crafts
    Other Assorted Crafts
    Handmade gift tags made from recycled Christmas Cards. Bottle cap necklaces and magnets.